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GD 2010

Conference "XXIVth Genetic Day 2010"

International scientific conference “Genetic Days” is traditionally focused on animal genetics and breeding. This conference is held regularly in two-year interval, and its organization is alternately provided by agricultural universities (faculties) in Brno, České Budějovice, Nitra and Wroclaw.
The „XXIVth Genetic Days 2010” are dealing with the problems of the animal and recently of the plant genetics. The focus of this conference is “Functional genomics and proteomics for sustainable agriculture”.

The conference ensures enough space for relevant findings from both basic and applied research in animal and plant genetics. Therefore, apart from university tutors and researchers, participation can be recommended to representatives of breeding organizations, veterinary administration workers, agricultural advisors and providers of services in agriculture, as well as other professionals whose work increasingly involves new findings of the genetic research.

Thematic sessions:

  1. Animal molecular genetics, genomics and proteomics
  2. Animal genetics, breeding and diversity
  3. Plant molecular genetics, genomics and proteomics
  4. Plant genetics, breeding and diversity
  5. Vision for animal breeding and genetics in research and education

Within all the thematic sections, papers will be delivered in the form of lectures or posters. Posters will be preferred with regard to the delimited time span of the conference. The abstracts of the contributions will be published in the conference proceedings.